EDPR seeks to provide to shareholders, investors, and stakeholders all the relevant information about the Company and its business environment, on a regular basis. The promotion of transparent, consistent, rigorous, easily accessible, and high‐quality information is of fundamental importance to an accurate perception of the Company’s strategy, financial situation, accounts, assets, prospects, risks, and significant events.

EDPR, therefore, looks to provide investors with accurate information that can support them in making informed, clear and concrete investment decisions.

The Investor Relations Department was created to ensure a direct and permanent contact with all market related agents and stakeholders, to guarantee effective communication, equality between shareholders and to prevent imbalances in the information access.

The EDPR Investor Relations Department (IR) is the intermediary between EDPR and its actual and potential shareholders, the financial analysts that follow Company’s activity, all investors and other members of the financial community. The main purpose of the department is to guarantee the principle of equality among shareholders, by preventing asymmetries in access the information and reducing the gap between market perception and Company’s strategy and intrinsic value. The department responsibility comprises developing and implementing EDPR’s communication strategy and preserving an appropriate institutional and informative relationship with the financial market, the stock exchange at which EDPR shares trade and the regulatory and supervisory entities (CMVM – Comissão de Mercado de Valores Mobiliários – in Portugal and CNMV – Comisíon Nacional del Mercado de Valores – in Spain).

EDPR is clearly aware of the importance of detailed and transparent information, delivered on-time to the market. Consequently, EDPR publishes Company’s price sensitive information before the opening or following the closing of the NYSE Euronext Lisbon stock exchange through CMVM’s information system and, simultaneously, make that same information available on the website investors’ section and through the IR department’s mailing list. In 2015, EDPR made 49 press releases, including quarterly, semi-annual and annual results presentations and handouts elaborated by the IR Department. In addition, the IR Department also elaborates key data files and interim presentations which are available on the website investors’ section.

On each earnings announcement, EDPR promotes a conference call and webcast, at which the Company’s management updates the market on EDPR’s activities. On each of these events, shareholders, investors and analysts had the opportunity to directly submit their questions and to discuss EDPR’s results as well as the Company’s outlook and strategy.

EDPR IR Department is coordinated by Rui Antunes and is located at the Company’s head offices in Madrid, Spain. The department structure and contacts are as follows:


In 2015, EDPR promoted and participated in several events, namely roadshows, conferences, presentations to investors and analysts, meetings and conference calls. During the year, EDPR management and the IR team attended to 12 broker conferences, held 20 roadshows and reverse roadshows, along with conference calls and meetings, totalling more than 370 interactions with institutional investors in more than 10 of the major financial cities across Europe and US.

EDPR IR Department was in permanent contact with capital markets agents, namely financial analysts who evaluate the Company. In 2015, as far as the Company is aware, sell‐side analysts issued more than 150 reports evaluating EDPR’s business and performance.

At the end of the 2015, as far as the Company is aware of, there were 22 institutions elaborating research reports and following actively EDPR activity. As of December 31st, 2015, the average price target of those analysts was of Euro 6.9 per share with the majority reporting “Buy” recommendations on EDPR’s share: 15 Buys, 5 Neutrals and 2 Sell.




EDPR representative for relations with the market is Rui Antunes, Head of Planning & Control, Investor Relations and Sustainability Department.


In 2015, EDPR was present in several events with analysts and investors, such as roadshows, conferences, meetings, conference calls and other presentations, communicating EDPR’s business plan, strategy and its operational and financial performance.

During the year, IR Department received more than 550 information requests and interacted more than 370 times with institutional investors. On average, information requests were replied in less than 24 hours, with complex requests being replied within one week time. As of December 31st 2015 there was no pending information request.