In Europe, EDPR delivered revenues of 832 million euros, an increase of 85 million euros versus 2014, reflecting the impact from higher electricity output, increasing 8% versus 2014 to 10,062 GWh, and higher average selling price, increasing by 3% versus 2014 to 83 euros per MWh.

In detail, the decrease in revenues was a result of higher revenues in Rest of Europe (+38 million euros), Portugal (+24 million euros) and Spain (+21m million euros, including hedges). Consequently, the contribution from Spain totalled 45%, while contribution from Portugal and Rest of Europe totalled 23% and 32%, respectively.



The average selling price in Europe increased 3% to 83 euros per MWh, mainly driven by higher average selling price in Spanish, following 2014 abnormally low selling price due to weather conditions. In Portugal the average selling price was 95 euros per MWh, lower versus 2014, reflecting ENEOP consolidation since 1st September. In Rest of Europe the average selling price was lower versus 2014, reaching 86 per MWh, mainly impacted by the lower realised price in Romania, with green certificates being sold at the floor of the regulated collar.


Net Operating Costs decreased by 61 million euros, to 141 million euros, mainly explained by the increase in Other operating income following the gain subsequent to the control acquisition of certain assets of ENEOP, partially mitigated by the increase in Other operating costs on the back of write-offs of certain projects, higher rents and taxes due to the higher capacity in operation. In 2015, Supplies & Services and Personnel Costs per average MW in operation decreased 1% YoY to 41 thousand euros, supported by EDPR’s asset management strategy and higher capacity in operation. Reflecting the lower wind resource in the period, Supplies & Services and Personnel Costs per MWh stood stable YoY at 17.6 euros.

All in all, EBITDA in Europe totalled 690 million euros, leading to an EBITDA margin of 83%, while EBIT reached 401 million euros.