The following are the most relevant events from 2015 that have an impact in 2016 and subsequent events from the first months of 2016 until the publication of this report.

  • EDPR informs about wind offshore projects in the UK
  • EDPR informs about an agreement with CTG regarding wind offshore projects in the UK
  • EDPR announces the sale of minority stakes in Poland and Italy
    EDP Renováveis signs agreement to acquire licenses for 216 MW of wind energy in Portugal
  • EDPR executes a new asset rotation transaction in the US with a total production capacity of 1,002 MW
  • EDPR informs about new institutional partnerships structures in the US for an interest in the 199 MW Waverly
  • EDPR secures new PPAs for 100 MW wind farm in the US
  • EDPR is awarded long-term contract for 140 MW at Brazilian energy auction EDP Renováveis awarded with 93 MW in the Spanish renewable energy auction

For Additional information on these events, please refer to Note 40 of EDPR Consolidated Annual Accounts.


In 2015 total payments made from Spanish companies to suppliers, amounted to €106,480 thousands with a weighted average payment period of 70 days, slightly above the payment period stipulated by law of 60 days.

Notwithstanding, the company is maintaining an optimization of its internal processes in order to settle all payments due within the maximum legal period.