EDPR is committed to protect the environment, we complement our strategy of fighting against climate change with an environmentally responsible management of our wind farms. This strategy is based on the Environmental and Biodiversity policies. Our policies reflect a responsible management of the environment along the whole value chain.

The operation stage of wind farms, with a useful life of 25 years, stands as the core of our business. According to this, we are really conscious of the importance of proper management of environmental matters in our facilities in operation, which is assured through the Environmental Management System (EMS).

The EMS is developed in accordance with the ISO 14001 international standard and certified by an independent certifying organization.This standard is considered the world’s benchmark for EMS Management Systems and is a guarantee that EDPR sites, regardless of its regulatory environment are aligned and at the same level of compliance. 92%* of EDPR’s installed capacity is covered by ISO 14001 certification. Additionally, in the frame of the Sustainability roadmap 2013-2017, EDPR has the goal to certify 100% of the installed MWs by end 2017.

EDPR is committed to promote environment conservation and aspires to have an active role in contributing to the world’s objective of reducing climate change. To do so, we take environment into consideration in all our business activities, seeking a positive balance.

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