The development of our employees is a strategic target at EDPR. We offer employees an attractive career development program, as well as a continuing education and training opportunities to stimulate the acquisition of new knowledge and individual skills, while aligning people’s training with the Company’s internationalization and competitiveness challenges.

In order to support the Company’s growth, aligning current and future organization demands with employees’ capabilities and to fulfil their professional development, EDPR has designed Development Programs adapted to Middle Management whose main target is to provide tools that may be helpful for facing new responsibilities.

During 2015, EDPR carried out the following Programs:


  • LEAD NOW PROGRAM: an advanced development program intended for EDPR Middle Managers to support the team leader role assumed. During the program, participants have the chance to self-assess their management style, go deep into the skills needed for leading effectively and get to know their new role in the different HR Processes of the company.
  • EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: a customized development program carried out along with a leading Business School designed to increase business skills and leadership capabilities of top-performing employees from across all disciplines to help them taking management decisions in a fast- paced and competitive business. During the program, employees are involved in core business areas, working on a Business Case for EDPR to analyse new strategic opportunities for the company, resulting in the creation of different work groups to implement the recommendations once the program ended.
  • COACHING PROGRAM: intended for employees who have previously participated in the High Potential Program. Conducted by an external coach, provides guidance to Directors of the Company that act as Coaches for the Participants along the Program. This Program allows participants to fine-tune their skills with the support of a Director during the Coaching Sessions.

In addition to these specific Development Programs, each year, a customized Training Plan is created for all our employees based on the results of a 360 potential appraisal process to define their training needs, providing a framework that aims to align current and future organization demands.

In 2015, we spent a total of 38.618 training hours, representing 37.9 hours of training per employee. Almost all the employees (99%) received training during 2015.


To achieve our training and new employees’ integration strategy, the Renewable Energy School plays a fundamental role. Created in 2011 in the framework of the corporate EDP University, shares the mission of promoting the development of individuals, facilitating learning and sharing of knowledge generated within the Group and developing the skills needed to ensure the sustainability of the businesses operated by EDP in all the geographic settings in which the company is present. The ambition of the School goes beyond pure training, the School emerged as a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and best practices across the company.

During the year, 33 training sessions were delivered in Europe, United States, and Brazil, representing a total of 7.042 training hours and 780 attendances (540 employees reached which represents 53% of the headcount). The School engaged 103 experts within the organization to deliver the training sessions, 48% of whom were Directors and Head of department, which enhances the transfer of knowledge.


Current challenges of EDP Group include new requirements so this year our potential analysis model have been improved with two main goals:

  • Align all segments of the organization with the current strategy and projects, capitalising on new business opportunities, all in a more global and diversified context.
  • Strengthen the employees’ life cycle momentum in which their professional and personal development is promoted.

Amplify is the new model for analysing skills and potential and for identifying development actions to help employees on their goals achievement. This process builds the future, taking into account that the better our skills are, the better way we impact both the people around us and the organisation.

This model is intended to promote a culture where employees receive feedback on an ongoing basis, because this is essential to ensure alignment with EDP group and to promote development.