Our focus in 2015 has been to continue improving our internal communications, and to keep employees informed, motivated, and committed to the company’s strategy. Moreover, our global presence with employees from 28 nationalities require us to listen and provide feedback on the different ambitions and expectations. In 2015, we have developed a Climate survey with new topics and questions in an effort to better reflect employees’ reality. EDPR and EDP Group have strategically invested in this area with innovative communication channels that have consistently been recognized internationally for their mix of dynamism and creativity.

These are our internal communication channels that keep employees informed and connected every day:


  • INTRANET: Our award-winning intranet platform takes online interaction among employees to a new level, by including social media-style features and advanced customization options. It’s a place to share information, work together, and learn about the projects and news from EDPR and EDP
  • EDPON RENEW MAGAZINE: Our print magazine has been a mainstay of EDP Group’s internal communications since 1988. The OnRenew edition, specific to EDPR, shows the company and its people through stories, opinion articles and editorials.
  • EDPON TV: Our TV Channel has been broadcasting on our offices and online over the past 8 years. Includes dynamic news reports and interviews on news and events. It is the medium that truly puts a face on our projects and initiatives.
  • HR PHONE APP: In 2015, EDPR has created a new phone app to provide employees with news, access to selection processes or measures in a practical and simple way. This tool proves to be particularly useful to keep connected to often-travelling and geographically dispersed employees.
  • INTERNAL NEWSLETTERS: Monthly newsletters give a broader reach to news and information regarding our projects, teams, successes, and strategies.

In addition to these communication channels, we hold companywide Annual Meetings that allow employees to streamline their long-distance communication to improve their day-to-day work, share their concerns, and get to know the business goals set by EDPR’s top management. We also hold meetings and team building events; conference calls regarding results, and a robust website that informs both internal and external stakeholders.

In this sense, in 2015 we have initiated the “Talking to Improve” initiative, where different departments are invited to share with the CEO its surveys services results, with the internal feedback provided by other departments about the service offered, and identify areas for improvement and strengths.

All of these communication efforts work to motivate employees, promote knowledge sharing and bring people together.