The Group’s growth and development of the business have led EDPR to invest in people with potential, who can contribute to the value creation.

Our objective is to attract talented people but also to create opportunities for current employees through mobility and development actions, as we believe in the potential of our employees. The HR strategy supports different initiatives to give them visibility and employability throughout the Company. New positions are always offered internally allowing them to grow within the Company. Accordingly, in 2015, 100% of the new Directors have been hired internally and there has been a total of 81 promotions.


Mobility, both functional and geographical, is considered by EDPR as a human resources management tool for organizational development. Therefore, it is strongly supported also as a way of stimulating employees’ motivation, skills, productivity, and personal fulfilment.

The Mobility processes within EDPR aim to respond to the different challenges and needs of the Group, considering specific characteristics of the different geographical locations.


EDPR is recognized for hiring exceptional people. Our aim is to position the Company in the labour market as an “employer first choice”. In this sense, different initiatives are carried out to enhance employer branding by participating in various employer forums and hosting visits from top-tier universities.

Additionally, EDPR offers an internship program in order to provide young professionals with work experience and to identify future employees who can contribute to the future development of the business.

During 2015, EDPR offered 53 long term internships and 30 summer internships, 19% of which were finally hired. Moreover, in 2015 EDPR hired 189 employees, 35% of which are women.

Our selection processes ensure non-discriminatory practices. This is confirmed in the Code of Ethics which contains specific clauses of non-discrimination and equal opportunities in line with the company’s culture of diversity.



As EDPR has a strong company culture, we want new hires to adopt this culture and quickly integrate it in the day-to-day activities. To facilitate this process, new hires are involved in numerous workshops and team building activities focused on improving integration and gaining a better knowledge of the company.

Our Welcome Day, a three day event for new hires, allows new employees to obtain basic acquaintance of the company and our business. Depending on the employee’s profile, we offer them a visit to one of the wind farms or the remote control dispatch centre.

2015 Internal Mobility

  • Functional: 31
  • Geographical: 16
  • Functional & Geographical: 9