We want to recognize the work and talent of our employees, so we are committed to offer a competitive compensation and benefits packages. The compensation policy addresses the needs of local markets and provides flexibility to adapt to the specifics of each region. The fixed base compensation is completed by a variable component that depends on an individual evaluation measured against individual, area and company KPIs.

In addition, we understand the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal commitments. This understanding has led to an increase of employees’ satisfaction, while boosting productivity and morale. Work Life Balance (WLB) for us is more than measures for employees with children, it is a set of initiatives to promote a positive work climate where employees can develop their career and give their best. And we believe that WLB must be a shared responsibility. We seek to constantly improve our WLB program and provide the most suitable benefits to employees. We even define often specific benefits that are tailored and applicable to certain countries where EDPR is present.

Since 2011, EDPR’s practices have been recognized with the Family Responsible Employer Certification (EFR- Empresa Familiarmente Responsable) by the MásFamilia Foundation, in Spain. This certification has been renovated and taking the recognition to the next level defining EDPR as a “Proactive Company”, which reflects our commitment to promote a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

In addition, EDPR has been ranked one more year among the 50 best companies to work in 2015 as determined by the Great Place to Work rankings in Spain and Poland. We are sure that a motivated workforce aligned with the company’s strategy is one of the key drivers behind our ability to deliver on results.