EDPR voluntarily promotes and supports social, cultural, environmental and educational initiatives with the purpose of contributing to the sustainable development of its business and in order to uphold its strategic vision.

The goal is to make a positive impact on the communities where we operate, and to maintain and enhance our reputation as a responsible company working for the common good. EDPR plans for the results it intends to achieve, and evaluates projects it is involved in, according to international standards for corporate social investments (London Benchmarking Group).

EDPR IN 2015:

  • 1.2 million euros invested
  • More than 100 initiatives with the community

We are also well aware of the impact our activity has on the local communities where our wind farms and solar PV plants are located.
We work to maximize the potential benefits for the company and for the residents of those communities through open communication with our stakeholders.

Maintaining an ongoing dialog with community members is an integral part of our business activity. We carry on discussions and meetings with local stakeholders during all phases of the development and operation of our power plants, to learn about their concerns and to determine the best way to address them. It is also an opportunity to communicate some of EDPR’s core values to the local community.