The mission of the EDP Foundation in Spain is to strengthen the commitment of the EDP Group with sustainable development across the country. The foundation puts a special emphasis on social, cultural, environmental and educational initiatives. During 2015, the EDP Foundation in Spain has supported a series of initiatives that were funded by EDPR.


The EDP Solidaria program gives recognition and financial support to projects created by associations, institutions and NGOs with the aim of improving the quality of life and helping to socially integrate the most in- need populations.

In this first edition of EDP Solidaria 2015, the EDP Foundation in Spain received a total of 37 nominations for the awards. 11 of the proposed projects were selected and will receive a total contribution of 344,000 euros. The jury for the awards consisted of officials from different areas of the EDP group and the project implementation will be overseen by managers and volunteers from the company.

The selected projects were all related to a priority area identified, including support for in-need populations, the integration of communities at risk of social exclusion and the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship.