EDPR shareholders are spread across 23 countries. EDP (“Energias de Portugal”) is the major one holding 77.5% of the share capital since launching the company’s IPO in June 2008. 


EDPR total share capital is, since its initial public offering (IPO) in June 2008, composed of 872.308.162 shares issued with a nominal value of five euros each, fully paid. All these shares are part of a single class and series and are admitted to trading on the NYSE Euronext Lisbon regulated market.



The majority of the company’s share capital is owned by EDP Group, holding 77.5% of the share capital and voting rights, since launching the company’s IPO in June 2008.

EDP (“Energias de Portugal”) Group is a vertically integrated utility company, the largest generator, distributor and supplier of electricity in Portugal, has significant operations in electricity and gas in Spain and is the 4th largest private generation group in Brazil through its stake in Energias do Brasil. In the Iberian Peninsula, EDP is the third largest electricity generation company and one of the largest distributors of gas. EDP has a relevant presence in the world energy outlook, being present in 14 countries, with more than 10 million electricity customers and 1.2 million gas supply points and almost 12.000 employees around the world. In 2015, EDP had an installed capacity of 24.3 GW, generating 63.7 TWh, of which 34% come from wind. EDP has been recognised #1 worldwide in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the Utilities sector for the year 2013, and again in 2014, and member of the DJSI World for 8 years, following the group performance in the economic, social and environmental dimensions. Its holding company, EDP SA, is a listed company whose ordinary shares are traded in the NYSE Euronext Lisbon since its privatization in 1997.



Besides the qualified shareholding of EDP Group, MFS Investment Management – an American-based global investment manager formerly known as Massachusetts Financial Services – communicated to CNMV in September 2013 an indirect qualified position, as collective investment institution, of 3.1% in EDPR share capital and voting rights.


EDPR has a broad base of international investors. Excluding EDP Group, EDPR shareholders comprise more than 72,000 institutional and private investors spread worldwide. Institutional investors represent about 91% of EDPR investor base (ex-EDP Group), while the remaining 9% stand private investors, most of whom are resident in Portugal.

Within institutional investors, investment funds are the major type of investor, followed by sustainable and responsible funds (SRI). EDPR is a member of several financial indexes that aggregate top performing companies for sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


EDPR shareholders are spread across 23 countries, being United States the most representative country, accounting for 27% of EDPR shareholder base (ex-EDP Group), followed by United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Australia and Norway. In Rest of Europe the most representative countries are Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.